Bramwell Retana
Bramwell Bernado Retana, 44, is charged with 34 counts related to child abuse, which allegedly occurred at his church, Iglesia Cristiana Oasis De Paz. (Picture: Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department/ Google Maps)

A pastor accused of sexually abusing at least five children made his victims treat him like a dog, police said.

Bramwell Rentana, 44, was originally arrested on child abuse and kidnapping charges concerning one alleged victim on December 20. Four more girls have since come forward to tell police in Las Vegas about twisted abusive roleplay said to have taken place at Rentana’s church, Iglesia Cristiana Oasis De Paz.

According to police reports, Rentana took one girl who was ‘eight or nine years old’ and her friend to his home because he wanted to play a ‘role playing’ game where he acted like a dog or a horse.

One detective wrote: ‘It should be noted, during Retana’s post-Miranda interview he explained he has a fetish and likes to be dominated and treated like a dog for sexual gratification.’


The parent of one victim spoke to her children after learning of Retana’s arrest. The children reportedly told their parent that ‘Rentana would play a game with them that they did not think was bad however, Rentana would tell them not to tell anyone,’ police wrote, according to the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

Clark County Detention Center
Retana was booked at the Clark County Detention Center on December 20. (Picture: Google Maps)

Days before Retana’s arrest, one parent overheard her daughter speaking with Retana’s wife on the phone. In police reports, Retana’s wife is referred to as ‘Gabby.’

‘(Redacted alleged victim’s name) overheard Gabby say “sorry for talking to you that way, I thought you were trying to steal my husband.”‘

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The girl later told investigators that Retana began abusing her over a year ago, when he ‘began kissing and licking her bare feet’ in his office while another child was in the room.

She also said that the pastor once sent her a pornographic image.

During a police interview, Retana’s wife said that she learned in May 2019 that her husband had kissed the girl and she knew they talked on the phone every day, but she never reported the incidents because she did not have proof.

Authorities say the abuse had been happening since 2016 and his alleged victims and their families believe there are more victims.

One woman told investigators that she ‘believes they are afraid to come forward in fear of retaliation or immigration issues.’


An alleged victim said the abuse began when she was ‘six or seven’ years old.

The four alleged victims that recently came forward said the abuse happened in Retana’s office at the church and at a home on the church’s property.

One girl reportedly told police that Rentana had forced her into his office multiple times and once scratched her, leaving a scar.

Retana is charged with 19 counts of lewdness with a child under 14, 11 counts of kidnapping, two counts of luring a child with a computer to engage in a sexual act and one count each of child abuse and preventing or dissuading the report of a crime.

He is reportedly being held at the Clark County Detention Center and is set to appear in court on February 3.