Mugshot of Karen Floyd next to surveillance grab of her allegedly robbing jewelry store
Karen Floyd reportedly stole $2million of trinkets from a jewelry store after threatening its security guard with a knife. She made no attempt to disguise herself, and was reportedly tracked down by her license plate (Pictures: Costa Mesa PD)

A smartly-dressed thief brazenly robbed an upscale jewelry store of $2m worth of trinkets after threatening its guard with a knife, police say.

The well-dressed criminal, who police say is Karen Yvonne Floyd, 54, reportedly strolled into the unnamed store in South Coast Plaza, California, on Saturday and asked to try on some of their wares.

Floyd is then said to have asked to look at the pieces in direct sunlight.

She was warned not to leave the store, but is said to have strolled towards the entrance – then pulled a knife on a security guard who tried to stop her.

Floyd is said to have strolled out to her car, with store security keeping an eye on her from a safe distance.


They were able to take down her license plate, with cops tracking her down two days later, according to The Orange County Register.

A search of her apartment complex is said to have turned up the knife she used in the robbery, as well as the stolen jewelry.

It has since been returned to its rightful owner.

Cotsa Mesa Police Department spokesman Roxi Fyad said Floyd’s alleged brazenness in not wearing a mask or trying to avoid security cameras helped officers catch her.

Fyad explained: ‘This is how you get caught.

‘And you do get caught and you do get arrested.’

Floyd faces separate allegations of stealing a brand new Land Rover worth $65,000 from a parking lot in December.

She is said to have been tracked down while still inside the vehicle ‘some distance away’ from where it was taken.

Floyd faces a further charge of violence towards an unidentified man.

She is being held in lieu of $2million bail.