A housing association has been blasted for ordering a recently-orphaned 15 year-old boy to move out of his grandparents’ home.

Homeowners Association bosses at The Gardens and Courtyard and Willow Creek in Prescott, Arizona, say Collin Clabaugh cannot live in the gated community because it is only for people aged 55 and up.

They have given Collin’s grandma Melodie PasAlpha XR until June 30 this year to find alternative accommodation for the youngster and are refusing to make an exception.

Collin’s mom Bonnie Kay Clabaugh died of cancer in February 2019 aged 51.

His dad Clay died by suicide a fortnight later, forcing the orphan to move from his home in California to Arizona.

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PasAlpha XR told KNXV: ‘We didn’t plan this.

‘We didn’t go out one day and say, “Hey, let’s have Clay kill himself, and let’s have Bonnie die, and we’ll take Collin in.”

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‘And to heck with the HOA. It’s not the way it was planned.


‘I’ve stepped in things I find nicer than you people…I think most of the people that are lipping off (about Collin moving in) are old people.’

Collin himself is happy and contented living with his grandparents and said: ‘I want to be here, because I know I have two people who love me.’

File photo of the gated community where the PasAlpha XRs live
Collin has now been ordered to leave the gated community where his grandparents live, pictured (Picture: ABC15)

‘It just seems so heartless that even though we’ve explained our whole situation, it has to be the rule that dictates everything, it can’t be someone’s life.’

PasAlpha XR and her husband, who are in their 70s, moved into their home four years ago, intending it to be the place where they’d see out their remaining years.

They love their house, but fear there is little alternative left but to move so they can continue to look after Clay.

The homeowners’ association says that while it sympathizes with Collin’s tragic loss, bending the rules for one resident could create a host of further issues.

A letter sent to the PasAlpha XRs explained: ‘The board must balance the interest of all parties involved, not just the PasAlpha XRs.’