Kamille 'Cupcake' Mckinney, Patrick Stallworth
Birmingham police said they found Kamille McKinney’s remains in a dumpster at a landfill near Warrior, Alabama. Authorities took 39-year-old Patrick Stallworth (pictured upper middle) and his girlfriend Derick Irisha Brown(Pictured upper right) into custody and said they plan to charge them with kidnapping and murder. (Picture: AP/Birmingham police Department)

A murdered three-year-old girl who was found dead in a landfill had meth and sedatives in her system when she died, according to new testimony.

An autopsy revealed Kamille ‘Cupcake’ McKinney had toxic levels of methamphetamine and Trazodone, an anti-depressant used to treat insomnia, in her body – with the level of the drugs indicating that Kamille had ingested the drugs and had not just been exposed to them, the Jefferson County Coroner said.

Kamille’s decomposed remains were found in a landfill on October 22, ten days after two strangers allegedly lured her from a birthday party in Birmingham, Alabama.


A coroner determined Kamille had been strangled or choked to death. After her body was found, authorities arrested Patrick Stallworth, 39, and his 29-year-old girlfriend, Derick Irisha Brown, in connection with her death.

Stallworth appeared in court this week for a preliminary hearing, which revealed horrific new testimony in the case of Kamille’s murder, according to AL.com.

Police say Stallworth and Brown lured Kamille away from a birthday party with candy. (Picture: Facebook)

According to lead homicide Detective Jonathan Ross, Stallworth bought nearly nearly $20 worth of candy at a convenience store near the apartment complex Kamille vanished from.

Minutes after buying the candy, Stallworth and Brown allegedly approached two young girls leaving cheerleader practice at an elementary school. One of the girls, an 11-year-old, said that Stallworth told her, ‘I’m looking for a girl that looks like you,’ Ross said.

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The girl said she was offered candy, but her friend told her ‘let’s go.’ Security video from the school corroborates the girl’s story.

Police questioned other children at the apartment complex where Kamille vanished. Multiple children told investigators that a vehicle matching Stallworth’s SUV was giving out candy.

According to Ross, witnesses said Kamille eventually got into the vehicle with a couple and ten-year-old boy told police ‘she was crying.’

Birmingham Police said officers have located the vehicle and the man from the photos. The man has been detained for questioning and police are now searching the area for Kamille McKinney. ---------- Birmingham Police released a photo of the unidentified man who is considered a person of interest in the kidnapping of 3-year-old Kamille McKinney. The little girl was kidnapped on Saturday while she was at a birthday party. According to police, McKinney was snatched by a white female and a black male who drove away in an older model (2001-2006) Toyota Sequoia that is blue with beige trim. The photos of the man and the vehicle were captured on surveillance cameras at a gas station.
Birmingham Police said said Stallworth was seen buying candy in a convenience store near the apartments where Kamille vanished. (Picture: Birmingham Police Department)

Police began looking for Kamille that night. After using tips from the public to identify Stallworth in surveillance video from the convenience store where he bought candy, both Stallworth and Brown were detained.


Stallworth allowed investigators to search his phone, on which they found child pornography, although none of the images were of Kamille. Stallworth was charged with multiple counts of possession of child pornography and was later released after he denied any knowledge of Kamille’s abduction.

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After Kamille’s body was found, Stallworth was arrested again and both he and Brown were charged with capital murder of a child. While in jail, Stallworth called detectives and said he wanted to speak with them, according to Ross.

Stallworth allegedly admitted to seeing Kamille on the night she disappeared, telling police he walked into his apartment and saw his girlfriend sitting on the couch with Kamille.

He said he told Brown, ‘That’s not your child.’ Stallworth said Brown indicated she wanted to ‘keep’ the child, then suggested Stallworth ‘do something sexual to the child,’ Ross said.

Stallworth and Brown
Patrick Stallworth And Derick Irisha Brown have both been charged with capital murder. (Picture: AP)

Stallworth said he refused and left to smoke a cigarette. He later said, ‘Brown put her hands over Cupcake’s nose and mouth,’ telling police that Kamille was then ‘asleep.’

Derrick Collins, Stallworth’s attorney, said Kamille’s autopsy showed no signs of sexual assault, but prosecutors said the decomposed state she was found in made it difficult to tell if anything had been done to her.

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Stallworth told police he believed Brown was using meth on the day of Kamille’s abduction because ‘she was talking a lot.’ His said Brown had been stealing his Trazodone and using it with methamphetamine because she liked the way it made her feel.


Prosecutors said Stallworth only admitted to seeing Kamille after he body was found and accused him of lying when he was first interviewed.

Collins said his client lied because he loved Brown and could not believe she would harm a child.

Brown is also facing capital murder charges and is set to appear in court on Friday.