Photo of Arabella Parker next to photos of Jahrid Burgess and Samantha Delcamp
Arabella Parker was reportedly murdered by her mom Samantha Delcamp’s boyfriend Jahrid Burgess for picking at her food

Surgeons had to remove part of a toddler’s brain after she was battered by her mom’s boyfriend for picking at her food, police say.

The drastic attempt to save three year-old Arabella Parker proved unsuccessful, and she died two days after being rushed to hospital in Sunbury, Pennsylvania, in October.

Arabella’s alleged murderer Jahrid Burgess, 19, appeared in court Thursday for a preliminary hearing.

He denies murdering the youngster, who was his girlfriend Samantha Delcamp’s daughter.

Delcamp, 24, is facing charges for allegedly ignoring Burgess’s abuse of Arabella, and previously gave a horrific account of how she says her boyfriend killed her.

She claims he was so upset by the youngster’s refusal to eat her food that he picked her up by the throat, hurled her against the wall, then threw her to the floor.


Arabella suffered a huge seizure which injured her brain, broke her ribs and caused hemorrhaging to her vagina, as well as multiple bruises on her body, PennLive reported.

Burgess has denied killing Arabella, but previously admitted beating the youngster and her mom Samantha Delcamp.

He told the Daily Item that it was Delcamp who had hurled the toddler across the room after she refused to eat.

Burgess said ‘Arabella hit part of the couch and landed on the floor where she hit her head.’

He admitted that he ‘may have’ once slapped Arabella for biting her fingernails, and also admitted dragging Delcamp up the stairs by her hair.

Speaking to the Daily Item, Harris said: ‘Yes, I hit Samantha, but I did not do all of these things to Arabella.’

He claimed to have run a disciplined household, but denied allegations he had bullied and abused Delcamp, saying: ‘She could have left at any time.’