Mugshot of Sunny Firestone next to photo from 'Shop with a Cop' event
Sunny Firestone is said to have been caught shoplifting during a shop with a cop event which saw her local Walmart crammed with police officers (Pictures: ActionNews4)

A woman decided to go shoplifting during a special ‘shop with a cop’ event at her local Walmart – with unsurprising results.

Sunny Firestone, 32, was reportedly caught trying to leave the shop in Uniontown, Pennsylvania, on Tuesday night with over $100 of clothes she hadn’t paid for.

Firestone opted to attempt the brazen theft despite the store’s doors being manned by over a dozen police officers from multiple agencies.

Local Trooper Robert Broadwater was stunned by her behavior, and told ActionNews4: ‘It did catch us off-guard a little, because youre not expecting it to happen.

‘You’ve got police officers from several different agencies at an event at a Walmart to help kids, somebody has the gall to do that in front of us.

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‘We couldn’t believe it. You want to laugh, but its also sad at the same time.’


Firestone is said to have been nabbed just as the event began.

It sees local law enforcement officers mingle with families, in an attempt to foster positive relationships between police officers and local young people.

The alleged thief has two previous theft convictions, and has now been charged with a fresh count of felony theft.

She is due back in court next week.

Firestone’s accomplice Tracy Leapline was given a citation.