Womans hand holding a sex toy
That could be your hand (Picture: WOW Tech Group)

Ever used a G-spot rabbit vibrator and thought ‘impressive machinery, could be quieter’?

Or perhaps the speed settings weren’t quite to your tastes or the packaging wasn’t as discreet as it could be.

If you’ve tried and tested various sex toys and felt like you could use them for a living then we’ve got just the job for you*.

*It’s unpaid, but still, free orgasms for all.

The folks at Wow Tech group brands We-Vibe and Womanizer want people to try out their sex toys to enhance their range and understanding of the market.

Volunteers will be joining what they’re calling the MasturbaTEAM, made up of roughly 1,000 men and women across Europe.

Each applicant will need to fill in a few details to find an available product that matches their preferences.

Then the team will send out a device in discreet packaging. And then what? Then you masturbate – for science.


Participants are required to fill out a questionnaire with their honest feedback.

The results of the questionnaires are then evaluated internally, anonymously and passed on to the respective specialist departments.

The delivery addresses are deleted after the products have been dispatched. And the toy can, of course, be kept as a thank-you and reward for your efforts.

Sex toys by the bed side table
Nice colours (Picture: WOW Tech Group)

‘Our goal is to develop products that satisfy customer needs and desires,’ says Johanna Rief, Head of Sexual Empowerment.

‘Both [brand] ranges boast sex-tech products that not only look stylish but are of high quality with an innovative and revolutionary design.

‘But this is only possible if we incorporate the opinions and feedback of our users directly into product development.’

She adds: ‘We take our job very seriously and invest in research. All new products go through several developments and testing phases. From the alpha test with 10-20 employees to the actual product test with about 100 external testers.’

Interested pleasure seekers can apply via the Wow Tech Group website.

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